this trio cranks out some power rock that will soothe even the most savage beast”– chazz gold, rock photographer
-dan, joe, and nick play bass, drums, and guitar. they all sing sometimes too. they like hockey, well, nick doesn’t really like and/or understand hockey. they live in orange county and los angeles. dan likes computers and videogames more than women. joe is still waiting for the day where he can quit his dayjob and take his talents on the road. nick is a tax nerd who tries to live the double “rockstar” life…except he can’t grow the massive mane of man locks that he once could. lieb was the original drummer of the band, and he is the “hair” that the band is missing when he is not present. lieb still jams with the guys from time to time, and can be seen installing solar panels when he’s not completely inebriated.-they have played a ton of shows. they all grew up playing the blues and roots rock and roll, so their music might sound like a bastard child of muddy waters and kurt cobain. their first single “slam pig” has received wide acclaim in both the los angeles and new york media markets.
-2012 marks the year of an epic new EP release
-2013 marks the year of the band’s first regional/national tour and also putting a hamper on the band’s partying habits before every show…yeah, ok.



No shows booked at the moment.